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Theda Skocpol
Harvard University
Lawrence R. Jacobs
University of Minnesota

The Supreme Court will hear a challenge to subsidies that help millions buy health plans. If it wins, pundits predict doom for ObamaCare, but two SSNers conclude that Republicans have the most to lose.

Matthew Gratias
PhD Candidate in Political Science and International Relations, University of Southern California

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Washington to urge the United States to prepare for war to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, it is a good time to think through the ways military attacks could backfire on Israel, the United States, and the world community.

Nancy J. Altman
Social Security Works
Eric Kingson
Syracuse University

A new book explains why Social Security remains fiscally sound as one of the last bulwarks for the middle class. Two SSNers make the case for expanding the protections Social Security affords to families and retirees.

There are renewed efforts to tackle the issue of trade, with many voicing concern not only over the substance of trade agreements, but also over the manner in which they may pass through Congress.

Adam Seth Levine
Assistant Professor of Government, Department of Government, Cornell University

Americans face many threats to their economic wellbeing but rarely mobilize to demand solutions. Why not?  In a fresh analysis, Levine shows that political appeals can be self-defeating when they remind people of financial obstacles that discourage engagement.

America’s women workers are vital contributors to the national economy – and to family budgets. But most struggle with inadequate pay, unpredictable schedules, and few supports for their efforts to juggle obligations at work and home. What can be done? SSN experts point to the most effective reforms.

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