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Alexander Hertel-Fernandez
PhD Candidate in Government and Social Policy, Harvard University

Hertel-Fernandez explains the clout of conservative trans-state policy networks – and shows why progressives have a long ways to go to gain parity in the fifty state capitals where legislators fashion health reforms, voting rules, climate regulations, and more.

Leonard Burman
Daniel Patrick Moynihan Professor of Public Affairs, Syracuse University

Just in time for filing season and the next round of debates about “tax reform,” a new book deploys clear prose – and lots of cartoons! – to unravel the mysteries of America’s complex tax system and contending proposals to change it. 

Police shootings of unarmed black men and boys in Ferguson, Cleveland, New York City and beyond have ignited protests and demands for change.  SSN scholars diagnose longstanding problems and suggest research-based reforms to improve enforcement and enhance community support for equitable policing. 

Deana A. Rohlinger
Associate Professor of Sociology, Florida State University

Decades after landmark Supreme Court decisions in 1973, abortion remains a flashpoint in U.S. politics. An important new book surveys the shifting legislative and judicial terrain and analyzes how pro-choice and pro-life advocates devise media strategies and deal with dilemmas of publicity. 

Matthew Gratias
PhD Candidate in Political Science and International Relations, University of Southern California

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Washington to urge the United States to prepare for war to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, it is a good time to think through the ways military attacks could backfire on Israel, the United States, and the world community.

Regional groups in the Scholars Strategy Network choose a graduate student fellow each year. Our third class includes fifteen young women and men studying at universities from the North to the South and from the Atlantic to the mid-Pacific. Each is doing cutting-edge research that speaks to critical public challenges.

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