Fathers' Work and Child Wellbeing

Christine Percheski
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University

Even with mothers at work, paternal earnings remain vital to child wellbeing. Christine Percheski and Christopher Wildeman probe wages, unemployment, and hours of work, and suggest how public policies could help fathers in different situations better support their children.

Percheski's brief co-authored with SSN scholar Christopher Wildeman of Yale University is available here.

Learn more about Christine Percheski and her ongoing research about changes in American family life, recent increases in unmarried parenthood, and the emergence of new employment patterns among mothers and fathers. In addition to documenting new social patterns, Percheski explores the ways in which U.S. public policies should adapt to changes in families and work – with a special focus on ways to help the poor.

Percheski is the Co-Director (with Ann Orloff) of the Evanston SSN regional network. She was active in explaining critical public issues during the run up to the November 2012 elections. In September, she traveled to St. Louis to appear on behalf of SSN at a community forum sponsored by the Young Women's Christian Association about the possible impact of federal budget decisions on Missouri nonprofits and lower-income families.

Along with Ann Orloff of Northwestern University, Percheski also co-authored a July 2012 SSN brief on what American women could lose if the Ryan Budget becomes law. GOP Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin remains the chair of the House Budget Committee, so his proposals will continue to be relevant to national debates about taxes and social spending in coming months.

Percheski and her work were also cited in a June 25, 2012 Bloomberg News article about the pivotal role of married women in the 2012 election.

December, 2012