Policy Briefs

Theda Skocpol, Harvard University, Lawrence R. Jacobs, University of Minnesota, February 2015
Benjamin D. Sommers, Harvard School of Public Health, October 2014
Jeffrey Clemens, University of California, San Diego, September 2014
Jamila Michener, Cornell University, August 2014
Tiffany D. Joseph, Stony Brook University, Helen B. Marrow, Tufts University, July 2014
Louise Lamphere, University of New Mexico, Cathleen E. Willging, Behavioral Health Research Center of the Southwest, May 2014
Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Harvard University, May 2014
Christy Roix Daggett, Maine Center for Economic Policy, March 2014
Amy Fried, University of Maine, March 2014