Announcing SSN’s Policy Engagement Workshop

With support from the William T. Grant Foundation, the Scholars Strategy Network is launching a new Policy Engagement Workshop to offer researchers practical, hands-on skills for working with policymakers and civic organizations.

There are many ways researchers can participate in the policy process. Scholars can offer testimony on public issues or try to inform decision makers by sharing their research findings with the press. But deeper, long-term collaborations between researchers, civic leaders, and policy makers can often be more beneficial for all concerned. Policymakers and civic leaders gain new knowledge, while scholars are able to identify new, more relevant research questions.

These practical, interactive workshops help scholars consider the pros and cons of working with various stakeholders, choose between different ways to engage in the policy process, and practice communications and relationship-building skills. Scholars leave with concrete plans to increase their clout and make their research matter to policymakers.  

To inquire about scheduling a workshop, contact Hannah Reuter

April 2017