Maine SSN was launched in 2012 with engaged scholars from public and private colleges and universities. As Maine is a geographically expansive state with strong participatory traditions, we meet in different locales, often in conjunction with civic organizations. Among our interests are tax policy, policies promoting opportunity for the poor and middle class, health care, immigration, and challenges for American democracy.Members contribute to a biweekly column and blog, Research Shows, in the Bangor Daily News.

Regional Leaders

fried.amy's picture
Professor of Political Science, University of Maine
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Associate Professor of Honors and Political Science, University of Maine
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Associate Professor of Teacher Education; and Faculty Coordinator, Newcomer Extended Teach Education Program, University of Southern Maine

Regional Members

barkan.steven's picture
Professor of Sociology, University of Maine
beck.linda's picture
Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of International and Global Studies, University of Maine at Farmington
blackstone.amy's picture
Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology, University of Maine
bogucki.olivia's picture
Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology, The University of Maine
butler.sandra's picture
Professor of Social Work and Master of Social Work Coordinator at School of Social Work, University of Maine
crittenden.jennifer's picture
Assistant Director, University of Maine Center on Aging
daggett.christy's picture
Senior Manager, Workforce Development at Aroostook County Action Program
deprez.luisa's picture
Professor Emerita of Sociology and Women and Gender Studies, and Faculty Affiliate at the Muskie School of Public Policy, University of Southern Maine, Portland
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Director, Labor Market and Workforce Research, Jobs for the Future
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Professor of Philosophy, University of Maine
kaye.len's picture
Professor of Social Work, University of Maine School of Social Work and Director, University of Maine Center on Aging, University of Maine
kellett.nicole's picture
Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Maine Farmington
labouff.jordan's picture
Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Maine
lockhart.charles's picture
Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Texas Christian University
mcallister.ronald's picture
Provost Emeritus, Elizabethtown College
miller.lynne's picture
Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Southern Maine
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Doctoral Student, Smith College School for Social Work; Adjunct Instructor, University of Maine
anthony.moffa's picture
Visiting Associate Professor of Law, University of Maine
moore.lisa's picture
Professor of Biology, University of Southern Maine
morris.lisa's picture
Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Muskie School of Public Service, University of Southern Maine
rocque.michael's picture
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Bates College
tisher.sharon's picture
Lecturer, School of Economics and Honors College, University of Maine
wriggins.jennifer's picture
Sumner T. Bernstein Professor of Law, University of Maine School of Law

Past Events

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 8:28pm to Thursday, December 1, 2016 9:28pm