Luis Mirón

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Professor of Sociology and Director, Institute for Quality and Equity in Education, Loyola University New Orleans

6363 St. Charles Ave.
Box 42
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118
(504) 269-6986

Expertise & Civic Involvements

Mirón has devoted over two decades of his professional and volunteer time to writing and policy advocacy on school reform, particularly in New Orleans. He has published numerous books and articles on this topic – and in the nonprofit sector, he has helped write legislation affecting the governance of K-12 schooling locally and in the State of Louisiana.

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Key Publications

  • "The Urban School Crisis in New Orleans: Pre and Post Katrina Perspectives" Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk 13 (2008): 236-258.
    Provides a case study of the Algiers Charter School Association, a new organization formed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, which coordinated the start-up of charter schools on the West Bank of the city.
  • "Drowning the Crescent City: Told Stories of Katrina" (with Robert Ward). Cultural Studies-Critical Methodologies 7, no. 2 (2007): 54-169.
    Reviews secondary sources on the possible causes of the devastation in New Orleans resulting from Hurricane Katrina to probe the interwoven complexity of the social structures of class, race, and age, together with the lived experience of poor African American and elderly residents, to critically examine the question “what happened and why?”
  • The Social Construction of Urban Schooling: Situating the Crisis (Hampton Press, 1996).
    Examines the context and substance of the reform of urban schools, and how reform has failed to serve children in urban schools even as it advances entrepreneurial corporate interests.
  • "Corporate Ideology and the Politics of Entrepreneurism in New Orleans" Antipode 24, no. 4 (1992): 263-288.
    Presents a case study of the effects of local ideology and culture on corporate-led progrowth movements in New Orleans and examines the connections among material conditions, ideology, and the politics of entrepreneurship.

Media Contributions

Over the previous decades Mirón has frequently contributed to local and national stories on public issues, including education and broader topics such as social inequality. Among the media outlets are the Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, and numerous television interviews.

Talks and Briefings

Mirón has given presentations on education reform before the Senate Education committee, Louisiana Legislature, and on nuclear environmental issues before the Mississippi House of Representatives.