Is a Basic College Education Still Worth the Cost?

Alan Benson, University of Minnesota, Raimundo Krishna Esteva, Frank Levy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Alan Benson, Assistant Professor of Work and Organizations, Carson School of Management, University of Minnesota
Raimundo Krishna Esteva, consultant
Frank Levy, Rose Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The answer is yes – reveals a pathbreaking study. Bachelor's degrees still pay off, even though students face higher debt and job risks.


Read the SSN brief reporting key findings from the newly released study by Benson, Esteva, and Levy – and find the full research report here.

One of America's leading economists, Frank Levy has published cutting edge empirical studies on the changing U.S. labor market and the impact of computerization on jobs. In addition to the newly released study on returns to higher education, Levy has recently researched the economics of medical imaging and the offshoring of professional services.

Alan Benson is a labor economist whose research focuses on public sector bargaining arrangements, labor market trends, and compensation arrangements in organizations such as hospitals. He has also done research on partnerships between hospitals and nursing schools.

Now employed in the private sector as a business consultant, Raimundo Krishna Esteva is a recent graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with expertise in economics and mathematics. He has served on the Department of Education's Advisory Board to the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education.

November 2013