Building an Economy for All

Jacob S. Hacker, Yale University, Nathaniel Loewentheil, Yale Law School

America can build a growing, innovative economy with opportunities for all. In a new report, Jacob Hacker and Nate Loewentheil explain how growth, social security, and democracy flourish together – and contrast their approach to the GOP recipe for austerity.

Read Hacker and Loewentheil's new report Prosperity Economics: Building an Economy for All at – and learn more about the alliance of groups mobilizing to encourage a national conversation about this plan. The highlights of Hacker and Loewentheil's report are captured in their SSN brief on building an economy for all. Their plan offers a way forward that contrasts sharply with the tax increases and benefit cuts for most Americans favored by GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan. The Ryan Republican Budget: A Blueprint for Permanent Austerity is analyzed in an SSN brief co-authored by Hacker and Paul Pierson of the University of California at Berkeley.

See Nate Loewentheil's profile here. Learn more about Jacob Hacker and his influential work on health reform and the politics of rising inequality in the United States. Find links to his many appearances in the media – including a Bill Moyers interview with Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson. Read the provocative brief by Hacker and Pierson on How Washington Has Made the Rich Richer – And Abandoned the Middle Class.

At Yale University, Hacker is the Director of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies. Learn more about this center and its programs here.

Hacker and Yale sociologist Christopher Wildeman are the co-directors of the SSN New Haven regional network.

September 2012