The Clean and Efficient Energy Future Americans Want

Stephen Ansolabehere, Harvard University, David M. Konisky, Indiana University

Reconfiguring the U.S. energy sector requires hearing from citizens. A new book shows that most Americans are ready to pay more to replace "dirty energy" with natural gas, wind, and solar power.

> A new Key Findings brief summarizes the major findings of Ansolabehere's and Konisky's just-published book, Cheap and Clean: How Americans Think about Energy in the Age of Global Warming (MIT Press).

> Stephen Ansolabehere is Professor of Government at Harvard University, where he pursues research on elections and voting issues, public opinion, and the media in U.S. politics. To assemble data for analysis by many scholars, he directs the Cooperative Congressional Election Study and the Harvard Election Data Archive. His public involvements include testimony before Congress about issues of election administration, giving expert testimony in voting rights cases, and serving as an Election Night consultant to CBS News.

> David Konisky is a political scientist whose work focuses on environmental and energy policies and politics, state politics, and the study of public opinion. He has worked as a research associate at Resources for the Future and consulted with various government bodies and nongovernmental associations.

August 2014