Higher Education as a Road to Opportunity

Luisa S. Deprez, University of Southern Maine

College can open doors to jobs with good earnings and benefits. Deprez explores the possibilities in studies evaluating innovative programs in the state of Maine that help low-income people earn college degrees while working to support their families.

Deprez presents research results in two briefs co-authored with Sandra Butler. Read their brief on higher education for low-income women in Maine and also their brief, with John Dorrer, on public assistance programs to help welfare recipients attain college degrees.

Learn more about Luisa Deprez – her research and civic involvements. Deprez is the co-leader (with Amy Fried) of the Maine SSN regional network, and she has been extraordinarily active in the network's outreach to scholars, civic leaders, journalists, and policymakers across the vast Pine Tree state. During a visit in the fall of 2012, Deprez also helped to get a new SSN network off the ground in Hawaii, so we can say that she has inspired SSN nodes from sea to shining sea.

Deprez and Fried orchestrate a regular series of OpEds by SSN members that appear every two weeks in the Bangor Daily News. See the full list of previously published Maine SSN OpEds here.

September 2013