Remembering Judith Layzer and Her Work on Environmental Politics

Judith A. Layzer (1961-2015), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

As the family and friends of Judy Layzer gather in remembrance, SSN joins in celebrating one of our earliest members, who died too soon at the age of 53. A prize-winning teacher, Judy's innovative research pointed the way toward sustainable communities and solutions to the crisis of global warming.


See Judith Layzer’s member profile and the account of her life and work issued by the MIT News Office, as well as Theda Skocpol's written remembrance as prepared for her memorial service.

Layzer was an astute student of conservative movements opposing U.S. environmental laws and regulations. Her book Open for Business: Conservatives’ Opposition to Environmental Regulation was encapsulated in her Key Findings brief and featured in a November 2012 Spotlight on the SSN website. Layzer’s research also tackled issues of urban sustainability in the United States and abroad.

May 2015