SSN in the Trump GOP Era

President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress are about to take national debates and policy in abrupt new directions. Scholars have a role to play, providing journalists, policymakers, civic leaders and citizens with research, evidence and analysis to make sense of these rapid changes and their consequences.  SSN has a plan for the year ahead, unveiled in a public letter from SSN Director Theda Skocpol and explained in a recent podcast.


SSN Director Theda Skocpol on the Election and SSN’s Plans

After the election, SSN Director Theda Skocpol led a webinar in which she analyzed the election and explained SSN’s plan for 2017.  She also wrote a public letter to SSN members outlining ways they can inform the public about issues and stakes in this new period in Washington DC.  SSN Executive Director Avi Green interviewed Professor Skocpol for a special episode of the No Jargon podcast about the election and its implications for civically engaged university and college scholars.


December 2016