Why America's Election System is Failing - And How to Fix It

Heather Gerken, Yale Law School

For Americans, voting is an uncertain right. State rules vary, and local governments often lack the expertise, will, and resources to ensure inclusive and efficient access to the ballot. We can do much better, as Gerken's path breaking research makes clear.

Read Gerken's brief here.

Learn more about Heather Gerken and her research and writings about election laws and Constitutional issues. To raise awareness of problems in U.S. election procedures and offer ideas for improvement, Gerken has testified in Congress, addressed professional and civic groups, and reached out through many media outlets

A recent New York Times article on "Lost Votes, Problem Ballots, and Long Waits?" describes a new report from the Pew Charitable Trusts that draws on Gerken's work and advice. An interactive tool included in the report allows readers to see how their state ranks on various criteria for effective and fair elections. Gerken offers a key policy recommendation to make voting easy as her contribution to "Winning the Voting Wars," an important symposium in the Spring 2013 issue of Democracy magazine.

March 2013