Avi Green

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Director of Communications and Civic Outreach, Scholars Strategy Network

CGIS Knafel K416
1737 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
(617) 997-6136

Expertise & Civic Involvements

Leadership team member Avi Green fosters relationships between SSN members and citizens’ associations and journalists. Avi helps scholars:

• Build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with civic groups
• Identify opportunities to share their knowledge, research findings, and perspectives with the public through media
• Develop messages and communications strategies
• Prepare for and debrief from television and radio appearances
• Create OpEds, press releases, and other communications materials

Avi is particularly involved in issue areas including grassroots organizing and civic engagement, voting rights, and money in politics.

From 2006 to 2012, Avi worked as Executive Director of MassVOTE, where he focused on searching for solutions to the problems that lead people not to vote. In that role, Avi helped develop large-scale, nonpartisan coalitions to get out the vote and fight voter suppression. From 2007 to 2010, Avi chaired the Boston Elections Advisory Committee, where he reformed poll worker training and recruitment. Avi serves on the Massachusetts State Ballot Law Commission and formerly served on the national leadership council for NonprofitVote. Avi studied grassroots organizing with Marshall Ganz at Harvard, and was a fellow in the Jewish Organizing Initiative in 2000. In that same year, Avi participated in the Florida recount. Avi studied at Columbia University (BA Religion) and Harvard University (MPP Public Policy).

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